Providing feedback, raising concerns, and making complaints.

We put our residents’ satisfaction and experience at the forefront of everything we do, and we welcome your feedback and ideas. If we can make your experience better, don’t wait until our formal survey—tell us now.

We welcome feedback from both our residents and the wider community.

For more information please visit

These handbooks outline ways that you can provide feedback, raise a concern, or make a complaint.

Resolving issues is a normal part of hall life, we encourage you to chat to our friendly staff and share information with them. Talking to a staff member gives you the opportunity to share your thoughts, how you are feeling, and be provided with support by our pastoral care teams. We generally find this is the fastest way to resolve matters of concern.

We understand that there could be a situation where you might not want to contact the head of hall; in which case, you can speak to, or email, the accommodation team at or telephone 04 463 5896. Tell us your name, the hall where you are staying, and the issue you have experienced. Alternatively, you can complete this confidential form; there is the option for you to complete this form anonymously.

If what you would like to tell us, is of a urgent matter then please approach one of our friendly staff members who will be able to assist you more urgently.

Hall duty phone number(s):

  • Boulcott Hall: 021 285 4743
  • Capital Hall: 022 563 3720
  • Cumberland House: 027 563 4770
  • Education House: 027 522 9098
  • Everton Hall: 04 472 0655
  • Helen Lowry Hall: 027 240 2766 
  • Joan Stevens Hall: 021 966 834
  • Katharine Jermyn Hall: 022 563 9080
  • Kelburn Flats (including Whānau House): 027 520 0412
  • Te Puni Village: 027 563 9220
  • Victoria House: 027 440 9249
  • Weir House: 027 563 3700

If what you would like to tell us, is of a sensitive nature about wellbeing or safety please use this form

This form is monitored Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm, and may take up to 28 days to receive a response.

Through this form you have three options:

  • Provide feedback
  • Report a concern
  • Make a complaint